Mandy x M.H.HOUSE

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Designed by Kimgu
Produced by @9sadtoy 🧙‍♂️

The original intention of designer Kimgu to design M.H.H. is to spread different messages by creating various characters. Hoping those fans will not only be attracted by the appearance of the characters, but also understand the meaning of the characters. The heart on the back is the burden of their soul. 🐷
Jude represents Love

A lot of Love relationship cannot be kept old and full of regrets. People always forget to understand the one you love, forget to consider the feeling of each other in a long-lasting relationship. People become self-centered, caring about giving. Love will be gone when you put on the mask, no one can understand you. Love is simple, just open your heart, follow your heart and listen to your heart. Everyone has a right to love and be loved. 🦍

Mandy represents Friendship
When you are in trouble, confused, lonely and depressed, there will always be someone to support and stand by you. No cheating, no flattering and no comparing between friends. Treating people around you with sincerity. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. 🧙‍♂️

設計師Kimgu 設計M.H.H.的原念是希望把不同訊息注入各款角色。希望粉絲們不只因為角色的外觀而吸引,也了解當中角色的意思,背後的心心正是代表他們內心的包袱。 💬

Mandy 設計意念
Mandy文迪 代表友情。
當你遇上困境、迷惑、孤寂和沮喪的時候,旁邊總會有人支持和陪伴你。朋友間不要弄虛作假、不要曲思奉承、也不要存在太多比較、能用真心對待你身邊的人。希望大家能珍惜身邊的朋友。 🍷

Mandy Wiki 背景
Mandy是M.H.H.星系的傳說猿神. 他非常重視朋友之間的友誼. 於一千年前為朋友犧牲了自己的生命以轉生為友誼之神. 雖然成為神後地位超越一般生命. 但是對著Jude也沒有一點架子. 總是不離不棄. 無論Jude是多麼難以相處, 任性和經常鬧情緒. Mandy 總是用平靜的心境面對著. 目的希望有一天能把Jude的心溶掉. 其他生命每次討論Jude和Mandy都會懷疑他們是有非一般的朋友關係.
M.H.H.星際每次發生朋友之間的爭執. Mandy 總會第一時間現身調解. 他希望所有生命不要錯過任何一段朋友的關係. 視Mandy為朋友的, 他總會常伴左右.